The Victor's Spear

Only after defeating someone wielding Tivia’s Adoration does one gain the right to wield it. The spear fits perfectly in your hand, and is just the right size, the perfect weight for throwing. You also feel a tingling lust. As this simple but mighty looking spear warms in your hand, in your head you hear a flirtatious, gravelly female voice say “Thank you for rescuing me from that ugly brute, Victor. Keep me satisfied and I’ll make your wildest dreams come true, baby.” It doubles your current hit points on contact.

Tivia’s Adoration: “Oh Victor, that’s good baby.”

By sleeping naked with the spearwhile speaking the magic words “O nequam pro Dwr Tivius, da mihi, cras victoriam”, you gain a phrase to be used in combat(revealed by original wielder in combat, “Mihi uictor!”, you add your CHA bonus to damage for 3 rounds. Long rest restores.

Victor’s Spoils: “Victor, baby, don’t scratch those lottery tickets without me!”

Increase value of treasures from defeated monsters by 25%.

Critical Fumble: Tivia’s Defender: “Not tonight, Victor, no, don’t touch me or I’m calling Brutus” 1d4 fire damage against wielder while holding it, if someone picks it up before end of combat(pouting) an ugly ogre named Brutus appears to defend his old girlfriend.

1st Victory:

Dominating Presence: _ “You better do what my baby Victor says, he can lift a hundred pounds!”_ +1 to Intimidation

Guiding Hand: “OoOoO Victor, baby, just a little bit lower.” Add DEX (min 1) bonus to one attack roll that misses. 1 charge/week.

2nd Victory:

Victor’s Passion:

“Oh Victor, you’re getting me all hot and bothered!”

+1d6 fire damage

Victor’s Security: “Nobody touches me like that but my baby!” 1d6 fire damage when picked up by anyone other than The Victor, and 1d6 per round held

3rd Victory:

“This is good baby, maybe we need some… third party involvement?”

On a critical hit: Normal Crit Rules damage, plus roll d4. On 4, enemy submits(charmed) for 1 day. 1 charge/week.

A Woman Scorned: “I’m sorry Victor, but Brutus and that hot piece over there got some business to do. Ta-ta!” Falling to 0 hit points and/or failing a third death saving throw causes all these benefits to stop, Brutus shows up and defends New Victor.

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The Victor's Spear

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