Axe wielded by The Great Goblin Chieftain Dkugax the Ever-Growing in a duel against King Harb.

Critical Hit:
Severs limb, limb grows into carpalmite on bearer’s next turn, then is in initiative

Underground Enmity:
+1d8 necrotic against dwarves

Axe of the Ancient Duel:
Swift action to activate- must kill enemy or be killed to deactivate
(5 charges per duel)+ 1d8 poison against sworn enemy
d-adv against all other enemies
minimum damage on a hit against all other enemies
(Once per duel) Before you attack, whisper the evil words the axe. You wither your opponent on a hit, reducing their STR, CON, or DEX by 4. The use is wasted on a miss. The effect only ends if the wielder dies or dispel magic is cast on the effected as a 5th-level spell.

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