One member of the Family of Mountain Relics, this warhammer was lost by The Mad King Harb, founder of Harb’s Haven. It is said he fell in a duel against a great goblin chief while wielding this weapon, and had to abandon it. He has since grown into a state of crippling psychosis, always muttering to himself about Chief Dkugax about the “unfair duel”.

Warhammer- Versatile, (1h)2d4 or d10

Mad Alliance:
1/week, summon umber hulk to assist for 3 rounds

Underground Enmity:
+2d4 thunder against goblins

Hammer of the Ancient Duel:
Swift action to activate- must kill enemy or be killed to deactivate
(3 charges per duel)+2d4 thunder against sworn enemy
+1 to attacks
d-adv against all other enemies, minimum damage on a hit against all other enemies

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