Varo- Like Rome. Does not know much of magic yet, so they are very wary, suspicious, and curious of its power. Fled another land to found Varo, then returned to old land and assimilated them into the empire.
Lippany- Think Germany. Slightly barbaric, with good engineers(building siege weapons and having superior steel to Varo). Wonderful art and bards. They know slightly more of magic thanks to the traders from the far northern baldlands. The primary religion is the worship of the Ovirn(the five goddesses, who were actually men but looked extremely effeminate), who are the same people that the Varidians think are the pantheon .
Freed Peoples of Jolba- Think Arabic/African desert people meets idol/dragon worship. The red dragon Kryxym gives them all their power, as he was basically the first living thing in the area.

First Forged Families- Think Israelites meets mystic Britons. Good with metals, and using magic to shape and endow it with power. Very fanatic, at war with their brethren and the goblins, who took their biggest city.
Federation of Darkrock Tribes- Think Jews that live in the Scottish highlands. They have their own problems to contend with, and value strength, unity, and honor, and sticking to the original text of their holy book. They exited Croton when it was attacked for the umpteenth time and declared Helkeraz against their mountain brethren.

Sulese- Think swamp-faring ancient Africans. They are mystical people with natural beliefs in the land and are guided by their ancestors.
NOrtherners- Think Eskimos with a knack for trading. They don’t have much to trade, but whale meat and oil is supa-fine.

Orcs- THink native Americans meets Gaelic names and messiah/monotheism type, Christian shit, who ride horses a lot like mongols. They all have a duty to try to find their lost messiah and his many relics(he touched many weapons and made them sacred and powerful), whether he be bones or whatever. He was the “son of god” and conqueror and leader in the war against the ogres. They have a strong sense of loyalty to their land, don’t have “possessions” per se(we borrow from father Myrn, we do not own it), they just pick up whatever is around and use it until they don’t need it, then leave it to be good for the next guy. Conquest is their big thing. War is unending, and a noble cause. To fight and die is the greatest honor.

Drow- Think Egyptian meets Mayan. They are severely traditional in all ways, with slow, bureaucratic, methodic decisions leading to severe bungles that keeps them in the dark ages. They do, though, have a strength in magic, worship the moon(The Bright Lady and her Blanket of Stars), and are extremely loyal. Sided with the dragons in The Great Arcane War, and have amnesty from their actions. Obsessed with astronomy. They seek to keep the world in unending night, to bring their goddess to superiority. At the very least, that would end all worship of the oppressive sun god and his magic.

Dragonborn- The third people. Think straight Nazis. THey believe they are the superior race, have hunted the elves to near extinction.

Elves- Not a player race, they are “The First People” by their recognition, and have gifted much of the world with magic. The family of still living elves in the far-ass north are actually the “Gods” that give power to all casters.

Tieflings- Often called Those That Undo, they are the souls of those who have done wrong and have been put back into the world(resurrected) to serve Myrn. Though they fail often in their path of redemptions, they have a lot of power.


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