Harb's Haven

Renamed by the Mad King Harb, who from fear of the goblins and the revenge of Dkugax the Ever-Growing COMPLETELY LOST HIS MIND! He thinks he’s deaf, that Dkugax is going to come and eat him, and eats gold dust to keep his mind sharp. He speaks to his hammer, Ridgecarver, a family heirloom which he thinks holds his great grandfather hostage inside. It actually holds a fragment of umber hulk eye. He has had several of his citizens put to death by "a crushin’ " for publicly mocking him, questioning his sanity or policy, or committing "a treasin’ ", also known as putting in their lot with Aster Volfik(ForgeKin Wolftemple), who seeks to overthrow the king via a coups, supposedly.

In the court of Harb’s Haven works the court jester, Peg Leg, who has lately been quite grumpy. He has lost his job, as the king has stolen it. He remembers the better days of his father and brothers, and how wonderful the “Old Kingdom” as he calls it, was, much to the chagrin of King Harb. Harb is the last son of a last son, and is squandering much of the kingdom’s riches. He serves the kingdom(and sometimes not the king), and touts this often.

Also in the court is his mother, Thovira. She has very humble beginnings, being a miner’s daughter who was put into an arranged marriage with the weakest, last son of the royal family. As the war with the goblins raged on, so the heirs died out while Harb’s father garnered riches by mining and manufacturing new weapons of all kinds to be used in the war. When finally he was told to put his mouth where his money was, he was killed in the first day of battle and the entire field (both Goblin and Dwarf alike) retreated in disgust.

Thovira and War Priest both want to produce an heir from Harb’s loins(though for different reasons), though none are willing.

Include the War Priest, who knows what’s going on but just wants to keep the war going, as he grows in power the longer it rages on.

Harb's Haven

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