Surrounding Nations

Vero is a relatively small endeavor of human expansion, but it by no means should be underestimated. In the small history of man, they have conquered more land than any other race except for those led by The First Orc, Garjanc of the Bow.

To the south lie several pockets of civilization, of most note are the nations Barla, Fyce, Suli Gargi, Korsul, and Jolba, of the far Southern lands.

To the northeast lies the great nation of Orcs.

The far north harbors an inhospitable land of ice, tundra, and cold sea. Stone-cutting hunter-gatherers simply referred to as the Northerlings occupy this land and the giants of this land hold domination over them. This land also once was inhabited by an all-but-extinct race of highly intelligent beings known only as The Ovirn.

The northwestern lands between Noviomagus Reginorum and Varo is half-elf and human barbarian country, referred to as the Black Woods Country.

The eastern nations consist of small, but growing, collections of Goblin mountain armies, the Dwarves of Helral and Thrdar, and the trade alliance formed between the Gnome and Halfling peoples.

The sea to the west is a vastly unexplored ocean, seemingly endless, where ancient evils blow in like storm clouds.

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Surrounding Nations

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